We salt everything.

With the thinnest, crunchiest salt flakes.

Your finishing touch to every dish.

In 8 flavors.

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It's Crunch time.

Available in new & improved versions, both spicy and non-spicy, these crackers will blow your mind!

Made in Italy from all organic ingredients, we can't stop munching, and neither will you.

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  • "Discovering SMIQQL has been one of the most joyous foodie additions to my life. These flaky salts are a touch of magic and flavor explosion."

    - Patricia, Switzerland

  • "SMIQQL is one of the best ingredients in the arsenal of a home chef/baker. These flaky salts provide a consistently exciting pop of flavor and bring depth to whatever dish you add them to."

    - Josh, New York

  • "Love the flaky salt flavors and love the fact that I can carry it around with me! It's my little hack when I travel to add flavor to food that needs that little extra!"

    - Meytha, London

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What the SMIQQL?

About us

SMIQQL was founded by a pancultural food-loving couple with a problem: she needed all her food to be spicy while he wanted all of the flavor without the heat. They discovered that any dish could be transformed to everyone's unique liking with just a simple finishing sprinkle of flaky salt fused with a selection of different flavors - both spicy as well as heat-free.

Dina Holzapfel and Murat Bolat introduced the world to SMIQQL's flavored flaky salts in 2020, launching out of the small town of Pfäffikon, Switzerland. Since then, their 'Sprinkles of Joy' - as they like to call them - have been sold in over 30 countries, delighting everyone who refuses to eat boring food.

What does SMIQQL mean?

SMIQQL is a play on the Dutch word smikkelen - "to munch, to feast, to snack with great joy."

We chose the name to show how easy it can be to elevate any food and turn any meal into a delicious feast worth SMIQQLing with a simple sprinkle of organic magic.

What is SMIQQL Flaky Salt?

It's simple: these are the absolute thinnest, crunchiest salt flakes that are fused with organic spices and herbs to create a collection of flavors that not only matches any dish and cuisine, but also instantly elevates all foods.

The original collection of 8 flavors - 4 spicy and 4 not spicy - are offered individually as well as in sets of both small and large sizes. Additionally, we also create special (limited edition) flavors with our signature crunchy, ultra delicate salt flakes.

Whether spicy, mild, savory or sweet - SMIQQL gives every bite the extra Sprinkle of Joy it deserves.

What about SMIQQL Cookies?

If you know, you know. And if you don't know, you'll know soon. That's a promise.

This is an American-style triple chocolate chip cookie made with gluten-free buckwheat flour (to add a deeper flavor), 100% plant-based ingredients and basically more chocolate than dough (the way it should be).

Featuring a triple dose of choc by Zurich-based bean-to-bar chocolate maker Taucherli and generously sprinkled with either our Turkish Tang or Lavanta Nane flavored flaky salt.

This is the sweet, salty, and indulgent treat that dares to even offer a tickle of spiciness if you so choose.

Get the SMIQQL cookie experience every Saturday at the BrupbiMärt in Zurich. SMIQQL cookies can also be found 365 days of the year at Bio Local in Zurich Airport (Shopping Area).

And for lucky residents of Switzerland: you can now order your cookies for delivery by A-Post too!

Core values

As a young business creating and bringing new products into this world, we believe we have the chance to do it right from the get-go.

We package our flaky salts in elegant glass bottles and encourage our customers to reuse them after finishing their last sprinkle - and wow, have they blown us away with their creative uses!

All of our packaging is recyclable or biodegradable/compostable.

We source organic ingredients and support other small businesses and craft makers (like the bean-to-bar chocolate movement).

SMIQQL's products are all plant-based so that everyone is included. This idea of inclusivity is the whole reason SMIQQL came into existence, so inclusivity is and will forever be something near and dear to our hearts.


We love running regular as well as one-off markets to connect with our fellow flaky salt fans!

Meet us here over the holiday season:

30 Nov: Thalwil XMAS Market @CreativeYou.ch

3 Dec: Zollikon XMAS Market

7 Dec: Merry Culinary Market @DasProvisorium

9 Dec: XMAS Market @OurHappyPlace.ch

Further special market dates will be added here on an ongoing basis.

Find SMIQQL in stores

SMIQQL is available in a variety of stores and online shops such as Bio Local at Zurich Airport, fein & fine in Zollikon, www.ekorevolte.ch (and their store in Dierikon), and more.

Work with us

Want to sprinkle some joy?

You're a store owner and would like to carry SMIQQL? You're an awesome company and would like to collaborate on a product together or create a special gift for your team? You're a rockstar and want to join our start-up? Or you're simply fabulous and want to share that with the world?

Send us a note at info@smiqql.com - We'd love to hear from you!