The Globetrotter Gift Set

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Our Connoisseur Gift Set, 'The Globetrotter', is for the well travelled adventurer. One who can whip up any flavours at a moment's notice with ease and experience.

All chosen with the best ingredients to create the most memorable flavours and made by hand for his/her indulgence.

The ultimate set to celebrate any and all achievements, special and seasonal occasions, including birthdays and anniversaries.

As this is our ultimate celebratory gesture, we have included 2 bottles of wine in this set. Mariana, our certified sommelier at El Gusto, handpicked these quality wines for your celebrations.

Therefore when choosing this set, you may pick 2 bottles of Argentinian wines of your choice - sparkling, red and/or white wine. 

This set includes:

1 Jar of Tikka Marinade / Curry Sauce (120g) by Natalie at Secret Sauce, Lachen SZ ~ Make a curry with mixed vegetables, beef or chicken.

1 Jar of Sweet & Sour Soy Sauce Marinade / Stir-Fry Cooking Sauce (200g) by Natalie at Secret Sauce, Lachen SZ ~ Whip up our famous sticky wings or ribs, or use it as a Vinaigrette!

1 Jar of Teriyaki Marinade / Stir-Fry Cooking Sauce (200g) by Natalie at Secret Sauce, Lachen SZ ~ Serve up typical dishes like grilled Teriyaki Cod, Chicken and Steaks or use it as a Vinaigrette or covering for noodles and pasta!

1 set of Flavored Flaky Salts Volume I: A mix of 4 Spicy Flavours (each bottle at 10g) by Dina & Murat at SMIQQL, Pfäffikon ZH ~ Kick it up a notch and Spice up everyday dishes with this tongue-tingly mix.

1 Jar of Truly Authentic Chimichurri (150g) by Mariana at El Gusto, Horgen ZH ~ Flavour all grilled meats like the Argentinians do, spread on bread, or mix in pasta.

2 Bottles of Argentinian Wines (750ml each) from Mariana at El Gusto, Horgen ZH ~ Choose 2 wines above: Sparkling Wine (Chardonnay, Extra Dry, Champagne Method), Red Wine (Malbec), and/or White White (Chardonnay).

2 Bars of Handmade Chocolate - 75% Dominican Republic Dark Chocolate (75g) & 72% Tanzania Dark Chocolate (75g) by Britta at Kürzi Kakao, Zürich ZH ~ Specially created from Bean to Bar, make a taste test between the 2 differently flavoured chocolates!

1 Greeting Card designed by Andrea at Coreanda, Lachen SZ ~ Showcase this beautifully designed card in your home like a small work of art at home. Card Theme Choices: Thank You, Happy Birthday, Christmas - just indicate your choice in comments.

All of these special flavours bundled up in an elegant black box with a satin ribbon. The Globetrotter Gift Set is fulfilled by Secret Sauce.