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SMIQQL's best-selling flaky salt flavor: Critical Chili!

These crispy, thin salt flakes flavor-packed with organic spices and heat upgrade any dish you like with a simple sprinkle of joy! You decide how spicy you like it while SMIQQL's delicate flaky salts melts away on your tongue. Sprinkle away on pizza, pasta, salads, your BBQ or brunch - discover the endless ways you can bring an extra delight to your all your meals.

Critical Chili is the spiciest of our 4 spicy flaky salt flavors, available indivudally in our large, elegant and reusable glass bottles or part of our Volume I flaky salts set


The magic inside the large SMIQQL Critical Chili Solo flaky salt bottle:

CriticalChili  Flaky Salt 10g or 27.5g  

Sea Salt* (81%), Chili, Lemon, Garlic, Paprika, Ginger, Bayleaf

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PS. There's a love story to delicious food that's behind SMIQQL that Dina and Murat want to share with you. From the small, beautiful town of Pfäffikon, Zürich SMIQQL was launched in 2020 to show you the easiest way to instantly upgrade any meal to pack in exactly as much flavor and fire as you like it. No two people's tastes are the same, and we love to celebrate this diversity by offering 8 flavors of the crunchiest salt flakes we've ever tasted, which we also like to call our 'Sprinkles of Joy'! Whether you like it hot or not, SMIQQL makes any meal to a special experience because we believe that every bite counts!