Critical Chili

Give any dish a spicy and flavorpacked kick with the signature crunch of SMIQQL's ultra thin salt flakes.

Flavored with organic Piri Piri chilis, garlic, lemon, paprika and a hint of ginger and bayleaf.

This one will quickly become your go-to spice vehicle with its all-rounder flavor profile.

Also available as Ultra Critical Chili - 5x spicier for those who like to feel the burn.

Discover the Critical Chili Family

Snazzy Sting

Packed with citrusy freshness, Snazzy Sting pairs well with dishes you want to brighten up.

Offering a flavor profile of organic coriander, garlic, lemon, ginger, paprika, dried onion and chili - you'll never want to miss this delicate flaky salt again on your avocado toast ever again!

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Summer Yaz

'Yaz' in Turkish means summer, and this beauty truly deserves the double meaning.

Packed with organic parsley, lemon, garlic and chili, this flavored flaky salt will quickly become everything you never knew you were missing on pasta, pizza and everything else you'd eat under the sun!

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Lavanta Nane

The darling of our Volume I set and packed with a surprisingly new yet comfortingly familiar flavor profile of lavender blossoms, Nane mint, lemon and chili.

Specifically designed to match both savory and sweet foods, you'll never want to miss a sprinkle of Lavanta Nane's slightly spicy but scrumptiously crunchy salt flakes on freshly baked chocolate chip cookies or buttercream frosting!

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Little Boom

The little brother to our Critical Chili flavor.

Little Boom offers a flavor palette of sweet and smoked paprika, garlic and lemon as well as a dash of ginger, bayleaf and turmeric.

A perfect match for a huge variety of savory dishes that need that little extra BOOM without the heat!

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Zesty Zinger

It's all already in the name! Our Zesty Zinger flaky salt is packed with fragrant notes of coriander, lemon, ginger, garlic, dried onion and paprika.

This one works its magic on a huge variety of savory foods that even surprises the coriander haters!

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Fresh Frenzy

We hunted down the most fragrant peppermint you've ever experienced to create this incredible melange along with parsely, lemon, garlic and dried onion.

Fresh Frenzy flaky salt brightens up anything you sprinkle on it. See it shine on burrata, bread and butter and everything else that should be on your brunch table!

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Turkish Tang

This warm melange of organic cardamom, orange and Ceylon cinnamon surprises you with every bite.

It beautifully matches dishes that love a warm hug (hello pumpkin season!) as well as all sweet foods that adore a savoury crispness. Watch it transform your hot chocolate while adding an unforgettable crunch on top of your whipped cream!

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