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SMIQQL Cookie Dough

SMIQQL Cookie Dough

✨ Have the freshest baked cookies whenever you feel like! 

SMIQQL Frozen Cookie Dough is the actual cookie dough our (in)famous SMIQQL Triple Choc Cookies are made of and is now available for you to have the freshest SMIQQL Cookie experience possible - whenever you want.

The dough comes frozen and pre-sliced so there's absolutely no mess involved. Just take out as many slices as you'd like, pop them into the oven and you're good to go. Imagine, you could even have 1 freshly baked cookie without having to go through the pain of getting all necessary ingredients only to then have to prepare an entire batch of dough. As always, we got you covered.

Choose your complimentary SMIQQL flaky salt flavor to sprinkle onto the cookies once they are done baking - just the way you like it.


Note: 1 SMIQQL Cookie Dough roll contains 10 frozen slices of cookie dough for a total of 600 g . Clear baking instructions are included. Delivered frozen - for you to store in your freezer.



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