We are heartbroken by the devastation in Southern Turkey, the home region of one of SMIQQL's founders.

To help, SMIQQL launched a donation campaign to support the efforts of charities in their work on the ground in Turkey and Syria.

Since February 7th, we shipped out hundreds of our 'Make a Difference' fudgy brownie packs and gratefully received over 7000 CHF in donations which has been donated 100% to 4 charities: (1) Save the Children Switzerland, (2) Swiss Barakah Charity, (3) local Turkish NGO ahbap and (4) supporting local support for children in Antakya.

Furthermore, we've worked directly with the Antakya-based Yilmaz Brothers - Ugur Yilmaz and Fayri Yilmaz - of Yilmaz Kundura Antakya. They generously have been helping the affected people of Antakya who are left with nothing by continuously providing them all sorts of necessary items of clothing, with an emphasis on helping orphaned youth. Having rebuilt their own shoe businesses that they had lost in the earthquakes, they are our feet on the ground, able to help people directly through your donations.

The generosity that has poured in has brought so much hope.

Thank you for all of your love,

Murat & Dina