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SMIQQL Power Cookies

SMIQQL Power Cookies

We kept hearingĀ stories from customers having their best workouts after - andĀ in some caseĀ even while - eatingĀ a SMIQQL Triple Chocolate Chip Cookie. Little did we know, ourĀ SMIQQL cookie is the perfect pre-workout snack, since it'sĀ packed with both slow and fast releasing carbohydrates that fuel performance while the extra salt flakes load you up on electrolytes!

The logical next step for us was to create the smaller SMIQQL Power Cookie: its 20 grams give youĀ the perfect littleĀ boost to crush it next time you work out.

Sold in packs of 30 - 1 for each day so you can make it part of your new daily workout routine! As the saying goes:Ā ļ»æA SMIQQL Power Cookie a day... šŸŒ


Note: SMIQQL Power Cookies are shipped frozen and intendedĀ to be stored in your freezer upon receipt until consumption. Unless, of course, you want to enjoy them immediately when they arrive!Ā If you'd like us to include a small cool pack with your Power Cookies to keep them as cold as possible in transport, please leave a note for us during checkout.

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