Volume II: Flavored Flaky Salts Set

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Do you want to add a flavor-packed delicate crunch of luxuriously thin salt flakes? This is the set you've been looking for!

Or buy both the SMIQQL spicy and non-spicy flaky salts sets together for our special price here!


Little Boom

Sea salt* (83%), garlic, lemon powder, paprika, ginger, smoked paprika, bayleaf, turmeric

Zesty Zinger

Sea salt* (81%), coriander leaf, dried onion, garlic, lemon powder, ginger, paprika

Fresh Frenzy

Sea salt* (77%), garlic, parsly, peppermint, lemon powder, dried onion

Turkish Tang
Sea salt* (89%), orange powder, Ceylon cinnamon, cardamom


Average nutritional value per 100g:

Energy: 247.1 kJ/59.1 kcal
Fats: 0.6 g, of which saturates: 0.1 g
Carbohydrates: 12.3 g, of which sugars**: 3.6 g
Protein: 2.4g
Salt: 82.6 g

*Origin: Australia
**all natural sugars from the organic spices, herbs and dried fruits

Each bottle of SMIQQL flaky salt is filled and packaged plastic-free in fully reusable and recyclable packaging.

All products are produced in the EU