Hi there! We're Murat and Dina - a Dutch, Turkish, German, American, Swiss and all around pancultural food-loving couple. In 2020 we founded SMIQQL to share with you the culinary creations that increased the joy of our meals.

Obsessed with spicy food, Dina was continuously unsatisfied with existing spice-makers on the market. She craved something hot that she could add to any dish that gave her the heat and extra flavor she desired without having to make the whole dish spicy during cooking - something Murat couldn't tolerate. Existing hot sauces were usually acid-based or full of sugar, and buying fresh chilies in Europe always ended in disappointment. Until one day she married the base flavors of garlic, lemon, paprika and a hint of ginger and bayleaf with the sweet spiciness of Piri Piri chilies and then fused these with the crunchiest, most delicate Australian salt flakes she had ever tried. And like that SMIQQL's first product was born: Critical Chili spicy flaky salt.

A little sprinkle added all that heat but also deeper flavor and an unforgettable crunch to every dish. It was addictive and Dina was eager to share it with Murat. Since he doesn't like the fire, Dina decided to take out the chili and instead add some turmeric and smoked paprika to add that oomph - and voila: Little Boom flavored flaky salt was here. Dina and Murat loved sprinkling their flaky salts on all their food so much that they decided to share them with the world. Together they created more and more flavors, so excited about how just a little sprinkle could totally transform the flavor profile and experience of any dish - both savory and sweet ones alike. They decided to curate two sets: four spicy and four non-spicy flaky salt flavors, designed to make you smile and celebrate that everyone can have their food just as spicy, flavorful and salty as they uniquely like it. SMIQQL uses only organic ingredients and fundamentally eliminates the use of plastic with our not only recyclable but reusable glass packaging.

Our flavored flaky salts - 'Sprinkles of Joy' as we like to call them - are the first products that we've launched, with many more to follow. We're excited to have you aboard our journey of spicing up everything we eat!

SMIQQL is thrilled to be part of the weekly Brupbimärt in Zürich. Meet us every Saturday at Brupbacherplatz in Zürich Wiedikon from 9am - 4pm !

Sales of our products are offered online

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Smiqql GmbH
Kempttalstrasse 54
8330 Pfäffikon, Switzerland
UID: CHE-451.790.610

email: info@smiqql.com

You'll find all the latest of what we're up to on Instagram/Facebook/LinkedIn/TikTok: @SMIQQL

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